The Importance of a Well Shaped Brow

Why Are Your Eyebrows So Important? Ask The Experts at Martin and Phelps Hair & Beauty Salon in Cheltenham

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It is a commonly held opinion that, next to your teeth, your eyebrows are the most important features on your face. Because of this, we believe that it is essential that you visit the brow specialists at Martin and Phelps Hair & Beauty Salon in Cheltenham, who understand exactly how important beautiful brows are. 

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The Right Shape Eyebrows Can Make You Look Less Tired

Do your eyes look tired, despite feeling wide awake? The perfectly shaped brow can make your eyes look wider and more alert, simply by reshaping the arch or finding a better shape to frame your features. You may have been partying all night, but the right shaped brows can make you look like you had a full 8 hours sleep!

A New Brow Shape Can Completely Change Your Look 

If you want to enhance your features, update your look or just treat yourself without splurging on make up or more permanent changes, you should see a brow specialist at Martin and Phelps Beauty Salon! Expertly shaped brows can give your entire face a subtle tweak and make you look lifted, without expensive injections in your forehead!

You Can Reduce Your Make Up Time

Now we’re not saying that newly shaped eyebrows will completely remove the need, or want, for cosmetics, but groomed brows will reduce the time spent on make up! The right shaped brows will open and brighten your eyes, making you look less tired, so you may feel more confident to go bare faced. We can also recommend a brow regime to grow or fill in gaps in your brows, and recommend brow palettes such as Hi-Impact Brows to enhance your natural hairs. 

Balance Your Face With Expertly Shaped Eyebrows

No human, with perhaps the exception of Elizabeth Taylor, has a naturally symmetrical face. Your Martin and Phelps brow specialist will know how to shape your eyebrows to frame your face and make it look more symmetrical. Eyebrows that are unsymmetrical can throw off your facial balance or changing your entire look altogether. 

Correct Flaws With Shaped Eyebrows

As we’ve explained, eyebrows have the power to completely change the look of your face. Expertly shaped brows can correct minor flaws such as eyes that appear too small or too far apart. Finding your perfect brow shape can add definition to your face, as well as lengthening or shortening it, dependant on your requirements. If you feel that you have imperfections on the bottom half of your face, your eyebrows can draw the eyes to the upper portion of your face.

Compliments On Our Brows? Yes Please!

There’s something really lovely about getting a compliment, whether it’s on our brains or our shoes, but is there any better compliment to receive than someone telling you that your eyebrows look good? Who could forget how the world went wild for Cara Delavigne’s bushy brows?

Whilst it’s fantastic to feel self confidence without compliments, a comment about our fab eyebrows is guaranteed to lift our spirits! Just don’t forget to recommend them to Martin and Phelps Hair & Beauty Salon in Cheltenham so they can get perfectly structured eyebrows too!