Hair Extensions in Cheltenham

Balmain Hair Extensions - Coming Soon to Martin & Phelps Hair Salon, Cheltenham

If you want to add extra volume, length and body to your hairyou can achieve that with the finest quality Balmain hair extensions... coming soon to Martin & Phelps, Cheltenham.

We are currently undergoing training to ensure we offer the best hair extensions service in Gloucestershire!  We will then offer you a comprehensive consultation service to assess your hair, discuss your desired look and explain the process, time, cost and aftercare.  

Watch this space for further updates and timings!

Make Your Hair Longer with Balmain Hair Extensions

Forget the hassle of growing your hair and have some high-quality human hair extensions added to your locks instead! Whether you’re after a little or a lot of length, we will soon be able to transform your hair with the very best Balmain hair extensions.

Thicker Hair with Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can give you thicker, fuller hair, adding volume to thinning hair for both men and women.  We will offer a variety of colours and hair textures to enable us to match your hair extensions to your natural hair colour and texture.  

Hair Extensions for Added Colour

As well as adding length to your hair, extensions are also a great way to add colour.  We will offer classic hair colour shades such as blacks, browns, reds, coppers and blondes, or perhaps you're feeling bold and want to add some fashion colours to your hair.  Consider some pretty pastel shades or a bright and vibrant purple, red or blue!  With the trend for hidden colours and rainbow colours, why not try out a new look with hair extensions?  

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