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Anyone who has coloured their hair at home will know how difficult it can be to achieve the perfect colour.  Very often your hair ends up patchy and uneven or a completely different tone to the shade on the box!

If that sounds like you, please do not worry.  Get in touch with Martin & Phelps Hair Salon in Cheltenham's town centre as soon as possible so we can help correct your hair disaster.

We have seen and corrected plenty of hair colour problems in our time and are experts when it comes to understanding your hair and the colour possibilities.  Call the salon on 01242 523 568 to book in for a colour correction consultation.

How To Change Your Hair Colour

Changing your hair colour can be a difficult process for enthusiastic amateur hair colourists!  Fortunately, we have years of training and experience at Martin & Phelps which means we can transform your hair colour with sensational results.  The process will depend on your base colour, hair condition and the colour you want to achieve.  We will talk you through the process, give you a price, and explain what can be realistically achieved with your hair.

Correcting A Hair Colour Disaster

When people visit our Cheltenham hair & beauty salon seeking professional help after colouring their hair at home, the first thing we will do is talk to them about the issue and assess their hair. Do not be tempted to add another hair colour on top as this can make the matter worse.  Let us assess your hair and come up with a plan to make your hair wonderful once more.

Common Hair Colour Problems

Quite a few things can go wrong when you colour your hair at home so let's look at the most common issues. A common hair colour problem is patchy hair colour where colour has been unevenly applied or has 'taken' too quickly on dry, over-processed hair. In this situation, we will assess individual sections and strands of your hair to work out a plan to ensure you have beautiful, even hair colour.

Another common hair colour issue is hair that turns out the wrong colour, believe us when we say it rarely turns out as it appears on the side of the box! Sometimes we see clients who have tried to go from brunette to blonde without pre-lightening their hair, leaving your hair an unnatural orange shade. Pool chlorine can even cause your hair to have an unsightly green tinge.

Finally, hair that is over-processed and over-bleached can end up fluffy, frizzy, dry and prone to breakage. The health of your hair is incredibly important to us so the hair colour correction experts at Martin and Phelps Hair Salon in Cheltenham will always do what is best for your hair.  We may suggest a moisturising hair treatment to give your locks a chance to recover.

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Book Your Hair Colour Correction at Martin & Phelps Hairdressers in Cheltenham

If you've experienced a hair colour disaster with a home dye kit or elsewhere, please book in for a hair colour correction appointment at our Cheltenham hairdressers.  Call the salon on 01242 523 568 or book online.