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The Latest Hair Trends at Martin & Phelps Hair Salon in Cheltenham : The French-Girl Fringe

If you’re looking for a style boost this winter, a fashionable ‘French-Girl fringe’ could be just what you need to restore your hair’s va va voom!   Inspired by the chic looks of stylish Parisian women, the ‘French-Girl Fringe’ is all about relaxed, natural beauty!

The look is ageless, flattering and easy to manage – this iconic haircut is characterised by a long fringe that has an unstructured edge, giving it a low-maintenance, laissez-faire look.  Think Jane Birken or Brigitte Bardot.

Our team of talented stylists at Martin & Phelps hair salon in Cheltenham are ready to create your brand-new French-inspired look.  Call us on 01242 523568 to book your appointment.

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Will a French-Girl Fringe Suit Me?

Fringes suit most people and are a great look to soften the facial features.  The only time they may not be ideal and could have the effect of closing the face is if you have a low forehead.  This can be solved, though, by choosing a wider fringe style.  If you aren’t sure how a fringe will suit you, speak to you Martin & Phelps stylist and check out our quick guide to which fringe style will suit your face shape below…

Long and narrow faces: A French-Girl fringe will work well for you, as fringes that finish just below the brows can make your face look fuller.

Round or square faces:  To stop your fringe from making your face appear wider, it’s important to find just the right style.  Side or A-Shaped fringes are flattering for round or square faces as they work well with the bone structure.  Go for a thicker fringe rather than a thin, wispy version, which would have little impact.

Heart-shaped faces: If you’re lucky enough to have a heart-shaped face, most fringe styles will suit you!  The perfect style is layered and feathered – ideal with the French-Girl look.

Your French-Girl Fringe Consultation at Our Top Cheltenham Hair Salon

If you think the French-Girl look might be for you, book in for a complimentary consultation at our Cheltenham hairdressing salon.  Your Martin & Phelps stylist will help assess your face shape and hair type and advise you on how we can make the look work for you.  Bring an image of your ideal fringe style to your appointment so we can ensure your stylist knows exactly the look you’re hoping to achieve.  When it comes to describing fringes, one person’s “long” can be another person’s “shaggy!”

Top Tips For Looking After Your French-Girl Fringe

To create an effortless French vibe, your Martin & Phelps stylist will leave the ends of your new fringe soft and feathery rather than blunt.  With any kind of fringe, you need to keep in mind that you will need pop in for regular trims at our Cheltenham salon to maintain the look.

Stock Up On Dry Shampoo

We’re sure you’ll be touching and playing with your lovely new fringe a lot, especially at the beginning!  This can result in extra oiliness, so we’d recommend stocking up on some dry shampoo, such as Paul Mitchell Dry Wash Waterless Shampoo, available at our Cheltenham salon.  It’s a good idea to keep a mini dry shampoo in your handbag, as you can use it to stop your fringe from separating, keeping it fresh and volumised throughout the day.



Book Your French-Girl Fringe Appointment at Martin & Phelps Hairdressers in Cheltenham

If you’re now feeling inspired to give your hair that certain je ne sais quoi and are thinking of going for a French-Girl Fringe, book an appointment with your Martin & Phelps stylist today.  

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