Top Treatments For Mature Hair

Top Treatments For Mature Hair At Martin and Phelps Hair Salon in Cheltenham

As you get older you may notice some changes in the colour and texture of your hair. At Martin and Phelps Hair Salon in Cheltenham, our team are here to help you embrace these changes in your own way. Our hairdressing experts can advise you on the right products to use for your hair at home, as well as the best treatments and hairstyles that are suited to you, your personality and lifestyle.

Additionally, if you’ve are starting to experience the growth of grey hairs, we’re also here to help blend them away or enhance your grey hair colour depending on what you want. At Martin and Phelps Salon, we are the hair colour experts in Cheltenham and we use the best Wella products to provide you with top results.

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Hair Smoothing Treatments

You may find that your hair becomes dull, dry and prone to frizz as the years go by. At our Cheltenham hair salon, we offer an award-winning keratin hair smoothing treatment which is specifically designed to smooth and repair the hair follicles to revive and rejuvenate your hair.

Furthermore, the KeraStraight Hair Smoothing Treatment provides much needed proteins, amino acids and advanced polymers to the hair which work to rebuild your hair for added shine, strength and vitality. This treatment leaves your hair looking and feeling smooth, shiny and more manageable for up to four months.

To find out more about our hair smoothing treatment, click here.

Hair styles for older women at Martin-&-Phelps Salon Cheltenham

Hair Colour For Grey Hair

Whether you want to cover up your grey hair or embrace going grey, at Martin and Phelps Hair Salon in Cheltenham we’re experts in dealing with grey hair. We can colour match your natural hair colour to blend away any pesky greys or help you go grey gracefully!

There is a wide range of grey hair colours from platinums to stunning steely grey hair shades, we can weave colour throughout your hair for a multi-dimensional grey hair colour effect or give you the all-over bright white look you've been after for years! We can use toners to banish any brassy or yellow tones in your grey hair colour too.

If there’s a hair colour you’ve always wanted to try or a fun fashion hair colour like pink or purple that’s caught your eye, just let us know and we can help create a gorgeous hair colour for you.

There’s no time like the present to try something different!

Hair Colours For Autumn and Winter, Martin and Phelps Hair Salon in Cheltenham

Hair Conditioning Treatments

Another change you may notice in your hair as you get older is that it may feel more brittle. If your hair is feeling brittle and dry, a hair conditioning treatment at our Farnham hair salon is the perfect way to help restore moisture to your hair!

At Martin and Phelps, we offer the amazing WELLAPLEX Hair Treatment which is a targeted treatment to help repair broken bonds and rehydrate your hair. You’ll notice a difference after the first treatment, as your hair will already look and feel healthier! In fact, your hair will continue to get stronger, shinier and more resilient after each WELLAPLEX Treatment.

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Hair Cuts & Styles For Mature Hair

Dry and brittle hair is more prone to breakage, which is why regular trims are important as you age. When you get your hair cut every 6-8 weeks, we can keep split ends at bay to help stop breakage.

If you’ve had the same haircut for years, it may be time to change up your look. At our Cheltenham salon, we can help you to find a hairstyle that is suited to you. Need some inspiration? Check out the latest hair trends for women over 50 here.

Martin Phelps Hairstyle to Suit Face Shape

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