The Undone Bob Hair Trend

Embrace the Hottest New Hair Trend at Martin and Phelps Hair Salon in Cheltenham

There's a stylish new haircut making waves: the "Undone Bob." You can get this cool hairstyle customised just for you at Martin and Phelps Hair Salon in Cheltenham. We adore the modern twist on the classic bob, as it seamlessly blends fashion, adaptability, and simplicity. It's the go-to choice for those seeking a chic look without the hassle of high-maintenance hairdos.

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Will The Undone Bob Suit Me?

The charm of the undone bob lies in its versatility. It's an easy-care haircut that doesn't demand much styling effort, and it can appear wonderful whether you wear it casually or dress it up for a fancy evening affair. This fashionable haircut wonderfully enhances oval, round, and heart-shaped faces. Its gentle layers around the face can balance sharp jawlines and enhance definition for rounder faces.

Regardless of whether your hair is straight, wavy, or curly, this elegant style can be adjusted to suit your natural texture. It's particularly flattering for those with medium to fine hair, as the layers can give your hair added volume and movement.

The Undone Blunt Bob

If you're leaning towards a bolder appearance, the "Undone Blunt Bob" is a variation worth considering. It provides a more distinct and well-defined look, keeping the bob's length while adding sharp ends for a fun, modern touch.

The Undone Half Up Bob

Enhance your undone bob for a special event by choosing a half-up, half-down style. This cute look blends the sophistication of an updo with the relaxed appeal of the bob. Include a few gentle tendrils to delicately frame your face, adding a touch of romance to the style.

The Curly Undone Bob

If you have naturally curly hair or love the curly girl look, we can tailor this bob to you. This style enhances your natural texture while keeping the bob's signature laid-back allure. Enhance your curls with a curl-defining product and tousle them for a playful finish.

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