Hairstyles for Older Women

Hairstyles for Older Women at Martin & Phelps Hair Salon in Cheltenham

At Martin & Phelps we know that as we get older, of course we still want to look beautiful and stylish!  There’s no reason for hairstyles for women over 50 to be unflattering and low maintenance!  If you feel that you are stuck with a dated look or maybe you’d just like to try something different with your hair, book an appointment with your stylist at Martin & Phelps and we’ll be pleased to help you find a new fresh new style! 

Short hairstyles for older women are currently very fashionable, but there’s no need to cut your hair just because you’ve turned 50 if you don’t want to!   Shoulder length or longer hair can look great on older women.  You might also like to add some interest to your hair with a new hair colour.  Grey hair is highly fashionable and can look stunning, but if you prefer to cover it, we have a great range of hair colours you can choose from.

Book in to Martin & Phelps Hair Salon in Cheltenham and let us update your look.  We’ll discuss your requirements and find a modern and flattering style that suits your personality and lifestyle.  Read on to see some inspiring hairstyles for women over 50 and beyond, modelled by celebrities who we think are leaders in the style stakes for older women.  It’s time to throw away that unwritten hair rule book and find a gorgeous haircut and colour that is perfect for you, whatever your age!

Mid-Length Hair is Flattering for Older Women

Wearing your hair mid-length is a versatile look which suits everyone – regardless of your age, hair type or face shape.   Mid-length hair sits anywhere between your chin and shoulder which means it has the added advantage of being great for hiding an ageing neck!  We think Diane Keaton looks fabulous with this mid-length haircut.

Side-Sweeping Fringes & Layers Make You Look Younger

A side-sweeping fringe is very flattering and focuses attention on your eyes – a great way to hold back the years!  A fringe has the added benefit of hiding any wrinkles that are creeping onto your forehead!   A few layers added to your cut will give your hair extra body and a youthful bounce.  This sweeping fringe look certainly emphasises Jane Fonda’s ageless beauty!

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Long Hair Can Suit Older Women (yes, really!)

Can older women really wear their hair long?  Of course!  Michelle Pfeiffer, Andi MacDowell and Julianne Moore are all elegant examples of modern older women with longer hairstyles.  Forget that unwritten hair rule that used to say that once you’re over 50 you must cut your hair short – if your long hair suits you and you still love it, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t keep it that way!  To make sure it’s still looking at its best, we’d suggest booking in for regular cuts and conditioning treatments at Martin & Phelps Hair & Beauty salon in Cheltenham.

Disguise Fine & Thinning Hair –Tips for More Mature Women

Most women will see changes in their hair’s texture and thickness after menopause.  Hair can become finer, thinner or sometimes wirier or even a bit fluffy (grey hair can sometimes seem to have a life of its own!)   Short hairstyles, like those modelled so beautifully by Dame Judi Dench and Dame Helen Mirren, can be ideal for camouflaging fine hair, especially if layers are added.  With a good haircut, some great hair products to add texture and a skilled hairdresser, your fine hair will look fantastic again!

Talk to your Martin & Phelps stylist if you are having problems with your hair and we will be very happy to help you.  We can recommend the right hair care and styling products for hair loss, fine hair and hair breakage or a specialist treatment such as System Professional Balance Energy Serum.  This clinically proven product strengthens hair and its anchorage and makes thin hair stronger when used 3 times a week.  Ask your stylist for more information.

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Grey Hair?  Don’t Care!

Silver grey hair is one of the most fashionable hair colour trends of the moment, so if you are lucky enough to have lovely silver hair already, why not consider keeping it that way?  Beautiful silver grey hair is so eye-catching, you might even find people approaching you to find out how you achieved the colour! It can be a difficult look to create if it doesn’t come to you naturally!   

To keep your silver hair looking at it’s cool best, we recommend using a shampoo to neutralise any unwanted yellow tones which can build up.  System Professional Silver Shampoo is ideal for this.  Plus, remember, if you don’t like your current grey colour, we can adjust the shade to give you a different silvery tone to suit you best.  We think Dame Judi Dench’s white hair is simply beautiful.

Hair Colour For The Over 50s

If silver or white hair isn’t for you, and you’d prefer to cover it up, speak to us about our hair colour services at our Cheltenham hair salon.  We offer a fantastic range of top quality hair colours from internationally renowned brands Wella and L’Oreal.  We can cover your grey hair in a wide range of colour choices.  Why not book in for a complimentary hair consultation to let us help you find your ideal shade?

You could take your lead from Dame Helen Mirren and go for a fashion hair colour.  Today’s older women can try just about any hair colour they fancy and have the extra advantage that white or light grey hair will take a new colour very well.   Your hair colour specialists at Martin & Phelps can help you find the right colour to suit your skin tone and let you know how to maintain it.  Find out more about our hair colour services in Cheltenham here.

Hairstyles for Over 50s at Martin & Phelps Hairdressers in Cheltenham

At Martin & Phelps we love creating beautiful haircuts and colours for women of all ages.  Give us a call on 01242 523568 or use our easy online booking system to let us help you find your brand new look.