Stay Looking Fabulous During The Lockdown

Martin & Phelps Hair & Beauty Salon in Cheltenham Explain How to Maintain Your Beauty Regime During Isolation 

Many women are reporting concern over the temporary closure of shops and salons during this challenging time.

Whilst DIY beauty tips will not provide the professional salon quality results that you have come to expect at Martin & Phelps Hair & Beauty Salon in Cheltenham, we have created a list of ways to keep you looking and feeling pampered until your next appointment…..

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Wash Your Face – Twice

We all know that you should wash your face before going to bed, to remove the build up of dirt and make up from the day. However, did you know that you should always wash your face twice? Why? Because the first wash will remove make up and debris, but will not really clean your face. The second wash helps to dissolve deeper dirt, oil and dead skin cells, giving you a much more thorough cleanse.

Trust us, double wash for a few days and you will soon see the difference!

To Tone or Not To Tone?

For us, it’s not really a question. Using an acid toner in your cleansing routine, especially one which incorporates salicylic acid, will not only address the need for daily exfoliation but will also help your skin increase cell turnover and curb excess oil production, revealing a brighter complexion. 

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise

facials, martin & phelps, beauty salon, cheltenhamFollowing your cleansing and toning steps, you should ensure that you use a hydrating moisturiser designed for your skins needs.

Whether you need a moisturiser to combat the signs of ageing, redness or dry skin, you should ensure that you spend time massaging the product into your skin. Not only is this relaxing for you, the movements of your fingers across the skin will help with lymphatic drainage to de-puff your face and improve circulation, making you look and feel brighter and more fresh. 

Many health experts advise spending time outdoors to help us feel better mentally and physically. Whilst outside don’t forget to use a good SPF moisturiser to protect from UV rays. 

Do It Yourself – Simple Manicures at Home

There’s nothing quite like a fresh manicure to bring a smile to our face and make our whole look feel polished. Whilst longer nails or nail art may not be on the agenda with the current situation, keeping your nails in good condition can be achieved at home in simple steps :

  • Cleanse your hands and nails thoroughly
  • Soak nails in warm, soapy water
  • Push cuticles back gently
  • Shape your nails and buff the edges to avoid snagging
  • Buff tops of the nails gently to smooth ridges and provide an even surface
  • Choose your colour, ensuring that you use a base and top coat to protect your polish
  • Moisturise

Pedicures in Your Living Room

You may not get the luxurious leg massage that you would at our salon, but you can still soften calluses and smooth dry, cracked heels at home. First, remove any old nail polish in preparation for your foot soak. A simple salt water foot soak can help to soften the skin on the bottom of your feet, you could even add a few drops of essential oils for a special treat. For calluses, a simple pumice stone used on the heels and the balls of your feet can help to smooth these out, but be sure to be gentle! 

Follow this smoothing process with a deeply moisturising foot cream, then shape and polish your nails with your chosen colour!

Smooth Skin at Home

the best waxing services at Martin & Phelps Beauty Salon CheltenhamIf you visit us regularly for your hair removal appointments, this time at home may be concerning for you. Whilst we would not generally recommend shaving, this may be a quick fix for many of us at home, we can always get you back into a great hair removal routine when we reopen.

For a super smooth finish, use a shaving cream and following your first shave, use an olive oil or sugar based scrub to exfoliate your skin, then shave again. The exfoliation step removes further dead skin cells and provides a sleek, hair free finish. 

Water and Sleep – Get More of Both!

These particular tips are as old as time, but that’s because they work! Make sure you drink the recommend 8 glasses of water per day will improve the look and feel of your skin, provide better mental clarity and even help you to lose weight! Setting a reminder on your phone every 2 hours will help you to achieve your goal.

The same can be said of getting enough sleep, between 6-8 hours of sleep each night will help you to look and feel more bright and refreshed. If you’re watching the clock tick whilst you’re stuck at home, sleep will kill more time in isolation before we can get back into the beauty salon!

Treat Your Future Self With a Gift Voucher

If your isolation has you bored, restless and a little bit down, why not treat your future self to a treatment at our Cheltenham beauty salon? Simply buy a gift voucher HERE and book in to use it as soon as we reopen, or buy as a gift to cheer up a loved one following isolation!

Not only will you be helping yourself or your loved ones, you’ll be helping to support a local business through this challenging period.