The Best Herbal Teas For Your Skin

The Top Herbal Teas to Clear Your Skin by The Experts at Martin & Phelps Salon in Cheltenham

Martin Phelps Salon in Cheltenham Herbal Tea for Clear Skin

We think it’s fair to say we are a nation of tea lovers, but did you know about the amazing beauty benefits of certain teas? Tea not only offers warmth and hydration, it can increase energy, help you to relax and even to prevent wrinkles

Many teas have been used for their beauty enhancing properties for centuries. Tea is rich in anti-oxidants and is an easy to afford beauty tool that can be found in your local supermarket. Below, the beauty experts at Martin & Phelps Salon in Cheltenham explain the best herbals teas to use to give you clear skin…

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Green Tea For Clear Skin

Green Tea is a powerful health supplement, it is packed with more antioxidants than spinach, dark chocolate and blueberries! Green tea contains compounds which help to reduce inflammation, balance out hormones and blood sugar levels which are all major factors when it comes to clearing acne.

Drinking green tea isn’t the only way that it can be used to improve your skin, using the tea topically has been shown to improve the appearance of the skin, including acne lesions. 

Hibiscus Tea For Younger Looking Skin

Hailed as ‘The Botox Plant’, Hibiscus Tea contains high amounts of anthocyanocides. These chemicals are actively powerful in preventing possible skin damage.

Anthocyanocides are important in destroying free radicals associated with early skin aging. Hibiscus tea has the ability to increase skin elasticity, fight skin damage, even skin tone and repair and moisturise your skin from within.

Tulsi Tea to Lower Stress

Tulsi, or holy basil, has been used for centuries to support immunity, stress response, anti-aging, and the body’s natural detoxification process. 

Stress is probably the most common, yet most overlooked reason for unhappy skin. Stress can cause your skin to dry out or break out, causing more stress and creating a circle of skin problems. Incorporating a daily dose of Tulsi could be just what you need to calm the mind, support your adrenals and reduce stress-related breakouts.

Nettle Tea to Fight Acne

Stinging Nettle tea supports healthy skin and boasts a rich vitamin and mineral content – containing Zinc, Selenium and Vitamins B and K, resulting in clearer, more firm skin.

Although fresh stinging nettles can cause irritation to the skin, the dried variety is completely safe and packs a pretty impressive acne-clearing punch! Nettle tea can also help to strengthen hair and reduce hair fall. 

Chamomile Tea to Soothe Your Skin

Chamomile tea helps to protect your skin from sun damage, thanks to high levels of quercetin. This relaxing tea also promotes restful sleep which, in turn, can reduce stress and help balance hormones – leading to naturally calmer, happier skin.

Chamomile tea has been found to be very effective in soothing skin irritation and sunburns when use topically.  Chamomile tea has also been used to treat various skin problems including psoriasis, eczema and acne.

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