2022 Hair & Beauty Trends

Hair & Beauty Trends For 2022 at Martin & Phelps Hair & Beauty Salon in Cheltenham

Spring is in the air and the team at Martin & Phelps Hair & Beauty Salon in Cheltenham are looking at the hottest hair and beauty trends that we've seen on social media and during the Spring Fashion Weeks to help you look and feel fantastic as the weather heats up. 

Check out our favourite hair & beauty trends for 2022 below...

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Bringing Back The Nineties

nineties hair trends, Martin & Phelps Hair & Beauty Salon in CheltenhamWhat started as a Gen-Z trend on social media has made its way to Paris Fashion Week and onto the High Street, the centre part is back in style! 

Tousled beach waves look more polished with a centre part, curls look bouncier, and sleek styles appear bolder. The centre part also frames your face, enhances your eyebrows and draws attention to your eyes. 

This style is super easy to achieve, and all you need is a comb and a steady hand. Simply find the centre of your scalp and slowly draw the comb backward, gently shifting strands from one side to the other until a beautiful, straight part appears. It may feel strange at first, and you may need the assistance of hairspray or a pomade, but your hair will train itself into the centre part naturally over time. 



Sleek and Slicked Ponies!

Sleek Ponytail, Beauty Trends at Martin & Phelps Hair & Beauty Salon in CheltenhamIf a centre part is classic, then the slicked-back ponytail is timeless. The sleek pony is the equivalent of adding heels to a t-shirt & jeans combo, more dressed up than trainers but still comfortable and casually chic. 

You can experiment with your sleek pony, have it poker straight throughout or slick your hair back on the top and add gentle waves to the pony itself. You could even try mixing our two trends with a centre part sleek ponytail, framing your face and looking fabulous!

Of course, with any hair trend, you must make sure your locks are their healthiest. Speak to your Martin & Phelps stylist who can recommend the best hair treatments and home hair care products to ensure that your hair looks glossy, full of volume and vitality. 



Natural Looking Lashes

Lash Tinting at Top Beauty Salon in CheltenhamIt may have taken two years of a pandemic to get here, but natural-looking beauty is firmly back in style! While you may find pops of colour or extreme makeup looks on the catwalk, the overall vibe of the beauty routine has changed to a more natural, relaxed finish. "I woke up like this" lashes are your best friend with this new trend.

Natural looking lashes are the principal feature of this movement. Low mascara, natural lift and soft lash lines are in - in a big way. Embrace a more youthful, wide awake look with an eyelash tint at our Cheltenham beauty salon. This treatment gives greater definition to your face making your eyes appear larger, brighter and less tired. The effects last for several weeks too!


Perfectly Polished Nails

Pastel Nails, Martin & Phelps Hair & Beauty Salon in CheltenhamYour manicure is where you can really let loose this year! The trends for Spring include vibrant french manicures and a fun mixture of polish shades.

There are a wide range of trends for every season, but make sure your hands and nails always look great throughout the year by booking regular manicures at our Cheltenham beauty salon. With our gel polish manicures you can be sure of glossy, chip-free nail colour for up to 3 weeks!

If you need nail polish inspiration, we've written an article about the fun nail trends for Spring 2022 here


Fluffy, Full Brows

Fluffy Brows at Martin & Phelps Hair And Beauty Salon in CheltenhamAnother more natural looking trend that you'll see this year is that of the fluffy brows.  Fluffy brows are full, thick and bold, but always perfectly groomed. 

One basic rule for thicker brows: stop plucking and shaping them! Let your brows grow in and reveal your natural shape. Of course, you can pluck unruly stray hairs, but stop attempting to create higher arches or thinner lines. If you were a victim of over-plucking, have lost brows to age, medical reasons or simply genetics, there are still ways to fake the fluff!

Start by combing your brows up and out with an eyebrow brush, to separate the hairs and widen your brow.  Fill in any bare spots, with a light hand and a brow palette such as Hi Impact Brows (available to buy in our salon and used by our make up artists). Finally, top the brows with a little brow gel to tame any stubborn hairs and lock in the fluffed brows for the day. We can also offer brow tint services for long lasting, thicker looking brows. 


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