5 Ways to Fight Frizz

5 Tips and Tricks For Men With Frizzy Hair From The Experts at Martin & Phelps Salon in Cheltenham

Frizz. Most men just think that it's something you have to live with, and slick their hair down to compensate. Not so, in this blog post, the men's hair experts at Martin and Phelps Hair Salon in Cheltenham deliver 5 simple tips to help you deal with frizz and rock great hair, everyday!

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Cut Down on Shampoo

Mens Hair Washing, Frizz Free Hair, Martin & Phelps Hair Salon in CheltenhamWhen recommending fighting frizz, the first port of call is to ask how often you shampoo your hair? Shampoos strip away the natural oils on your scalp and dry it out, causing your hair to become frizzy. If you wash your hair daily, try skipping a day every few days, reducing to almost 1 day per week. If you feel you must cleanse your hair then water and a small amount of conditioner will help your hair to feel fresh.

Your hair will look better after four weeks of cutting down your shampoo frequency.

Hydrate Your Hair

Help your hair to stay hydrated for longer by using a leave in conditioner, which will help to seal in moisture and prevent hair from drying out. For best results, apply to towel dried hair to seal in even more moisture and leave your hair feeling softer and frizz free.

Use a leave-in on the days that you use shampoo and the days that you don’t. Your leave-in conditioner should become part of a daily frizz fighting routine. 

Turn Down The Heat To Fight Frizz

Very hot water can damage your hair and cold water is just far too uncomfortable to shower in! Lukewarm water is the optimum temperature to wash your hair in to combat frizz. If you personally prefer to shower in very hot water, make sure that you keep your hair out of the water and then gradually turn down the heat until you can put your head under the shower to cleanse. 

Ditch The Hair Gel

Many hair gels and hair styling products like hair pomades and styling waxes are full of ingredients that will dry your hair out once they have worn off, or that need excessive shampooing to remove from your locks. Mix up your routine and some days use a natural wax or pomade, others use only a leave-in conditioner and others try using no styling products at all. Speak with your Martin & Phelps expert about the best products to use for your styling needs. 

Throw Out Your Hairbrush

Mens Comb, Mens Hair Washing, Frizz Free Hair, Martin & Phelps Hair Salon in CheltenhamUsing a brush to detangle your hair is the perfect way to get frizzy hair! Hair brushes strip away the natural scalp oils and can deform your natural curl pattern.

If you want to style your hair, use a regular comb if you have straight hair or use a wide tooth comb if you have naturally curly hair. Alternatively, you can even use your fingers for styling your mane - your fingers are the least likely styling tool to cause frizz.

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