Spring Clean Your Hair Routine!

Stuck In Hair Care Rut? It’s Time For A Fresh Start With Help From Martin And Phelps Hair & Beauty Salon In Cheltenham

You may be following the Marie Kondo method and spring cleaning your home of items that don't spark joy, but have you thought about how to spring clean your hair routine? To keep your hair in top condition it’s time to give your hair care routine a shake out. At our Cheltenham hair salon we’ve got all the home hair care advice you need. Read our latest article then book an appointment for a spring hairstyle transformation by calling 01242 523 568.

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Clear Out Your Old Hair Products

Don’t worry, many of us can be guilty of keeping products for much longer than we should! It is important to check expiry dates on your opened products and get rid of any that are out of date. Expired products will not work as well as they should and, in some cases, can cause irritation and even burning on your scalp! 

The average life span of unopened professional haircare is approximately 3 years however, once opened this time can be halved. So, take a good look in your bathroom cabinet and clear out all those expired products. If you have any unwanted, sealed products, a local charity may be happy to receive it.

Now that you've freed up some space, it’s a great opportunity to restock your favourite products, or to find new products to try. Pop into our Cheltenham salon and our team will be happy to advise you.

Spring Clean Your Brushes

Dirty make-up brushes can harbour germs and cause problems with our skin, but it is common to forget that the same is true for our hair brushes. Hair, skin cells, products and oil can all build up in the bristles of  hairbrushes, creating a perfect environment for germs to thrive. Why would you want to put dirt onto your freshly washed hair? It’s important to get into the habit of cleaning your brushes regularly to ensure this doesn't happen.

We recommend removing built-up hair weekly, then using a deep-cleansing shampoo to get your hairbrushes sparkling and germ free.

Clean Your Styling Tools

How to Clean Your Styling Tools

Your electrical styling tools can suffer from the same build up of products, grease and germs as your brushes. Curlers, straighteners and wands should be cleaned regularly, as many get covered in hair products and grime. 

To clean your tools, first make sure they are not plugged in and never submerge them in water. Using a damp soft cloth, rubbing alcohol or baby wipe, gently clean the styling plates on your tools. Never use a scourer on them as this could damage the plates and surfaces. Be sure to dry your styling tools completely before using them.

An often over-looked area of dust and dirt build up is your hairdryer filter. You should be able to twist off the filter on the back or, on some models, unclip it. Simply wipe with a warm, damp hand towel to remove the dust and grime, then dry thoroughly. Regularly cleaning your hairdryer filter will ensure that it works more effectively and for longer. 

Invest in a New Pillowcase

No matter how soundly you sleep, you spend hours each night with your hair and face scrunched into your pillow. The friction against your cotton pillowcase can cause an interesting hairstyle the next morning that’s difficult to style and leaves your hair frizzy and prone to breakage. We would recommend investing in a silk pillowcase to avoid causing damage to your hair. Dermatologists advise that sleeping on a silky surface can help to prevent wrinkles too, so why not give it a try?!

If you don't wish to change your pillowcase, ensure that it is cleaned regularly to remove bacteria to keep your hair and skin clean. 

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Update Your Hair Care Each Season

Most of us update our skin care routine as the seasons change, such as wearing more SPF during the summer months, but how often do you do the same for your hair products?

As the weather brightens up, your hair colour may start to fade in the sun, so you’ll need to protect it from the UV rays with an SPF spray. It would also benefit from a deep conditioning treatment at our Cheltenham salon. 

If you aren’t sure which products are right for  you this season, speak to your Martin and Phelps stylist and we’ll be happy to recommend seasonally appropriate hair care products. 

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