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How to Take Care of Your Hair on Holiday – Top Tips from Martin & Phelps Hairdressing Salon in Cheltenham

Healthy Summer Hair

Are you heading off on a summer holiday this year?  While we're having fun in the sun, it's easy to forget that holidays can play havoc with our hair!   

The sun’s harsh rays, pool chlorine and sea salt are just a few of the environmental factors that can lead to dry hair that is prone to splitting and breaking – so make sure you stock up on the best hair care products for healthy hair!   

We've got everything you need at our hair salon in Cheltenham so pop down to see our full range.

The Best Hair Care Products from Martin & Phelps Hairdressing Salon





Protect Your Hair from Pool Chlorine

Chlorine can dry out your hair which means there’s a higher chance of it breaking.  Chlorine can also react with your hair colour, turning it a slightly different shade.  

So, what's the solution?  If you don't fancy wearing a swimming cap then it’s time to invest in a chlorine-removing shampoo.   You could try Paul Mitchell Shampoo Three which is specifically designed to cleanse and brighten your hair, removing residues from chlorine build-up.  It should be used after swimming to remove chlorine and prevent green tinges appearing in your hair.  It will also strengthen your hair and help to prevent future chlorine deposits.

Then, when you are back to your usual routine, make sure you book into Martin & Phelps Hairdressing Salon in Cheltenham for a professional conditioning treatment to inject moisture back into your hair.

Prevent Hair Colour Fade

Wella sun protection products at Cheltenham hair salonColoured hair can fade in the sun so it's important to use a colour protecting shampoo plus conditioner to prevent this. 

We recommend the Wella Invigo Sun UV Colour Protection and Repair range.   It includes a high performance shampoo, conditioner and leave-in UV protection spray.  Available at our Regent Street salon in Cheltenham.

To be extra safe of course, wear a hat on a hot summer’s day - both protective and stylish!

Avoid Frizzy Hair

Moroccanoil OilFrizzy hair can be an irritating hair problem over the summer holiday months, with the heat and humidity turning your gorgeous sleek hairstyle into a mess as soon as you step out of the door!

To avoid the frizzy hair syndrome, it's necessary to put moisture back into the hair.  Serums and hair oils are the most popular and effective anti-frizz products for frizzy hair problems.  At Martin & Phelps we recommend MoroccanOil, which comes in a great range of frizz controlling products, available at our Cheltenham hair salon.

Better still, have a professional hair smoothing treatment.  Our Keratin Treatments smooth and restore your hair, leaving is silky and manageable for up to 5 months.   Speak to your Martin & Phelps stylist to find out more.

Protect Your Hair from Heat

Wella sun care range at Martin & Phelps Cheltenham hairdressersThe heat from the sun can cause your hair to become dry and prone to breakage.  Use a good heat protection spray and hair products containing UV protection.  We recommend MoroccanOil or you could try Paul Mitchell Hot off the Press, designed to protect fragile strands of hair as well as fighting frizz.

Of course, wearing a hat in the sunshine is always a good idea, but if not, try tying up your hair into a ponytail, plait or bun to keep it out of the way.

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