Hairstyles To Keep You Cool

Stay Cool and Stylish This Summer with Hot Weather Hairstyles from Martin and Phelps Hair Salon in Cheltenham

As the temperature rises, so does the need for a hairstyle that's both fashionable and functional. At Martin and Phelps Hair Salon in Cheltenham, we understand the challenges of staying chic in hot weather, and we're here to be your styling saviours. Discover our top four sizzling hot weather hairstyles below, crafted to keep you looking flawless even when the thermometer soars.

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Effortlessly Chic Beach Waves 

When the sun beckons and the seaside calls, why not embrace the effortless allure of beach waves? This timeless hairstyle radiates a relaxed and carefree charm that's tailor-made for the heat. Our skilled artisans at Martin and Phelps Hair Salon are masters at creating these beautiful waves using premium techniques and top-notch products, ensuring they withstand the sun's embrace all day long.

Whether you're strolling along the coast or out for a leisurely day, beach waves are your go-to style to make a statement in any summer scenario.

Summer Hair at Martin and Phelps Salon in Cheltenham

Sophisticated Summer High Ponytail 

For a polished look that keeps you cool, a high ponytail is your ultimate summer companion. This sleek style not only delivers practicality but also looks great. Versatility is its middle name, adapting seamlessly from a relaxed outing to an elegant summer wedding.

Our Martin and Phelps Hair Salon experts will sculpt a high ponytail masterpiece that stays put, liberating you to revel in the sunshine without any hair-related worries.

Summer Ponytail

Breezy Braided Updo 

When the heat is on, nothing helps you stay cool like keeping your hair off your face. Enter the breezy braided updo – a symphony of grace and convenience. Our skilled artisans weave intricate braided updos that are a symphony of elegance and ease.

From garden fêtes or even leisurely bbqs, this enchanting style guarantees you stay serene and chic, no matter how high the temperature soars.

Summer Braided Updo

Effortless Low Bun with a Contemporary Twist 

Our final summer hairstyle recommendation puts a modern spin on the classic low bun. Effortlessly chic, this style is perfect for those sweltering days when you want to keep cool without compromising on sophistication. Our Martin and Phelps Hair Salon maestros have mastered the art of infusing the low bun with a twist – think of a chic hair accessory or an artful braid – to elevate your overall look.

This versatile hairstyle complements both laid-back ensembles and dressier attire, making it a must-have during warmer weather.

Summer Low Bun

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