From Brunette to Blonde Hair

Frequently Asked Questions About The Blonde Hair Journey at Martin and Phelps Hair Salon in Cheltenham

Achieving the perfect blonde colour takes skill, knowledge and confidence which is why it is always best to be left to the professionals at Martin and Phelps Hair Salon in Cheltenham

We have a vast knowledge of the science of hair colour and colour placement which delivers perfect results for our clients, and will always work hard to maintain the health and integrity of your hair.

There are thousands of blonde shades and it’s important you have the colour you desire, so please book in for a complimentary colour consultation prior to your appointment.

In the meantime, check out this article which answers many of the common questions we hear about what it takes to transition to blonde.  

The Blonde Hair Experts Near Me





Will Blonde Hair Suit Me?

You can of course choose any blonde you desire, but the hair experts at our salon in Cheltenham can also advise you on the perfect blonde for you.

For example, if you have a light skin tone, then golden, strawberry or light blonde colours will highlight and flatter your skin tone. Clients with medium skin tones might want to try honey blonde, beige blonde, and light blondes with warm tones, while dark skin tones look great with warmer, darker blondes such as caramels and golden honey blondes. 

What Are The Most Popular Blonde Hair Colours?

There are so many to choose from but the most popular right now are platinum ice white blondes, silver grey tones and golden honey blondes. 

Which Blonde Hair Techniques Do You Offer?

Highlights, balayage and toners remain popular, as do all over permanent and semi-permanent hair colour.  We offer a whole range of blonde techniques. 

Speak to your Martin & Phelps stylist about the look you want and we can then recommend the best technique to get that look. 

How Much Will It Cost To Go Blonde? 

As you can imagine, the price you pay depends on many factors such as your hair condition, length and technique or level of blondness you want to achieve. If you have very dark hair then you will not achieve platinum blonde hair colour in one session, remember your blonde hair journey is a marathon, not a sprint!

Book in for a colour consultation where we can give you a no-obligation quote.  You can also check out our price list for all our hair colour pricing options here.

Can We Get An Even Tone Across Your Hair?

Having colour put through mid-lengths and ends every time makes it harder to lift to an even tone throughout your hair. We may need to use colour correction techniques to balance your hair colour and preserve the condition of your hair. 

Book a Blonde Hair Consultation at The Top Hair Salon in Cheltenham

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