Spray Tanning for Men

Tanning Services for Men at Top Cheltenham Barbers & Salon

men´s spray tanWhether you’re looking for a ‘sun-kissed’ natural glow or a deeply bronzed body, spray tanning is a safe and effective way of achieving the results you want. 

At Martin & Phelps Salon in Cheltenham, we use the Naturasun range which reacts with your own skin tone to achieve a natural-looking tan. Your beauty therapist will expertly spray you in our tanning booth to whatever shade you require!

Spray tans usually last between 5-7 days but may last longer with care. 

Read on to find out what to do before and after you arrive for your spray tan, and also how you can keep your skin looking tanned for longer…


Before Your Tanning Service 

  • Complete all waxing or hair removal at least 24 hours before your spray tan
  • Exfoliate and moisturise the night before your appointment
  • Do not apply any body lotion, aftershave or deodorant
  • Wear loose dark clothing to your appointment (it may become marked by the tanning lotion)

After Your Tanning Treatment

Your tan will develop over 12 hours so…

  • Avoid activities that cause excessive perspiration during the first 12 hours
  • Try to leave the tan on overnight
  • Shower in the morning to reveal the true beauty of your tan

Maintaining Your Spray Tan

  • Apply body moisturiser to keep the skin hydrated
  • Pat the skin dry after showering or bathing (do not rub)
  • Avoid swimming pools as chlorine can lighten the tan.

Book Your Spray Tan at Martin & Phelps Salon in Cheltenham

You can book in for your Naturasun Spray Tan by calling Martin & Phelps barber shop & beauty salon in Cheltenham on 01242 523 568 or book online.