Ear Piercing

Ear Piercing at Martin & Phelps Beauty Salon & Hairdressers in Cheltenham

ear piercing, martin & phelps hair and beauty salon in CheltenhamOur beauty therapists are experts at ear piercing and we have an excellent reputation in Cheltenham for our professionalism and hygiene, with all equipment being sterile, pre-packed or disposable. 

At Martin & Phelps Beauty Salon in Cheltenham, we provide ear piercing for children aged seven and above and will require proof of parental consent. 

We pride ourselves on the standard of piercing and after-care service. Once your ears have been pierced, we recommend you leave the studs in your ear lobes for six weeks continuously.  After this time we recommend you use post-style earrings (made from surgical stainless steel or other hypo-allergenic material) for the first six months after the piercing.

You may experience some minor pain or redness immediately after the piercing.  This is normal and usually settles within 48 hours, provided proper after-care is carried out. If undue pain, swelling or redness occurs at any time, seek medical advice before removing the ear-piercing stud.