New Year’s Beauty Resolutions

Make Your New Year’s Resolutions with The Beauty Experts at Martin & Phelps Hair & Beauty Salon in Cheltenham

This year, make a New Year’s Resolution that you will actually keep to past January! The experts at Martin & Phelps Hair & Beauty Salon in Cheltenham look at the essential New Year’s Resolutions you should make to ensure you look and feel sensational throughout the year….

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New Year’s Resolution Idea : Look After Your Skin 

The cold winter months can take their toll on your skin, not to mention central heating and late nights over the Christmas holidays! Make a resolution to yourself to book in for a luxurious facial at our salon in Cheltenham. We have a wide range of facial treatments will leave your skin glowing.

These include globally renowned ENVIRON facials, CACI non-surgical facelifts and Microdermabrasion.  Choosing a facial can be confusing so please call the salon and book a free consultation to help you achieve the very best results for your skin.

Did you know that we also offer a complimentary Blow Dry after each facial over £50? Please remember to request this when booking your facial appointment.

New Year’s Resolution Idea : Carve Out Some “Me Time” With a Massage

If you are still full of festive fatigue, let us smooth away your aches and pains with our fabulous Stress Reduction Body Massage.

Your Martin & Phelps beauty therapist will gently massage your body using the traditional massaging techniques with one aim – to help you feel blissfully relaxed and stress-free.   Make a massage a regular treatment to keep yourself feeling wonderful throughout the year. 

New Year’s Resolution Idea : Book In For Regular Manicures

Regular manicures at our Cheltenham beauty salon will help to keep your nails tidy and your hands moisturised and protected throughout the cold winter months.

Nail biters will benefit from regular manicures too, as you won’t want to ruin your nail polish! The manicure process itself is relaxing with the soaking, massage and attention to detail for each nail. 

Manicured hands also give a great first impression, so if one of your resolutions this year is to go out and get your dream job, you’ll want to make sure that your hands don’t let you down! Chipped and peeling nail polish can look unsightly, so upgrade your manicure service to a Jessica Gel Polish, which will remain chip free for up to 2 weeks!

New Year’s Resolution Idea : Hydrate Your Skin

Yes we know that this is an often repeated recommendation, as well as being one of the biggest New Year’s Resolutions, but drinking the right amount of water is vital to your health.

Not only is drinking water good for flushing out toxins and giving you more energy, it is essential for hydrating and giving you clearer skin.

The recommended daily intake for adults is 8 glasses of water per day, so make sure that you keep your water bottle topped up and to hand throughout the day to help to keep your skin looking moisturised, clear and radiant.

New Year’s Resolution Idea : Wash Your Make Up Brushes 

So you’ve perfected your skincare routine at home, you’ve been having regular facials, but your skin is still breaking out! What could be the problem? 

You’ve probably not even realised, but the amount of dirt and bacteria that can collect on your make up brushes will horrify you! Make sure you wash your brushes regularly and you will see a difference in your skin and in how well they do their job!

Since your skin is looking flawless and your brushes are working properly, why not book in for a special occasion Make Up service? We can create any look you fancy including contouring, bold red lips, sultry eyes, glitter make-up and the ‘barely there’ nude look. 

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