Face Mask Acne – “Maskne”

Treatments for “Maskne” at Martin & Phelps Beauty Salon in Cheltenham

We think that it’s fair to say that the last couple of years have thrown a few challenges at us, one of the ones we are seeing in our beauty salon is “maskne”. Face Mask Acne, or “Maskne“, is a growing problem we’re seeing at our Cheltenham beauty salon. With the mandatory wearing of face coverings in public places, we’re often covering our lower faces for long periods of time, resulting in redness and breakouts of spots and pimples.

In the ongoing fight against Covid-19 it is vital that we all wear our masks when in public, so what can we do to resolve this frustrating problem? The skin care experts at Martin and Phelps Hair & Beauty Salon in Cheltenham share their advice…

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What Causes “Maskne”?

One point to note is that Maskne is not the same as regular acne, which can often be caused by hormonal fluctuations. 

Maskne is the result of the constant rubbing of your mask against your skin which can result in micro-tears on the surface of the skin. This allows bacteria and dirt to get into the the skin, clogging up your pores and causing breakouts. 

The build up of moisture inside your mask also leads to sweat, oil and bacteria as well as dead skin cells which cannot be shed as the mask is designed to limit air flow – all causing a skin care disaster!

How Can I Prevent My Mask Causing Spots?

Face Mask Acne, Martin & Phelps Hair & Beauty Salon in CheltenhamMinimise the risk of Maskne developing by following our simple guide below….  

  • Keep your mask clean – this is a really important hygiene rule we should all be following. You should wash your mask daily, either in the washing machine or on a warm hand wash. Ensure you’ll always have a clean mask by purchasing multi-packs if you can.
  • Wash your face with gentle products – wash your face in the morning and in the evening  using a gentle cleanser. If you are suffering from breakouts, harsh cleansers could cause more damage.
  • Purchase cotton or silk masks – synthetic materials are harsher on the skin than softer cottons and silks, which you should use if possible.
  • Ensure your face mask fits properly – your mask should fit over your nose and mouth comfortably without being too big or too small. If your mask fits poorly it is more likely to rub against your skin. 
  • Keep your skin hydrated – well hydrated skin will be less prone to breakouts, so make sure that you’re topping up your water bottle throughout the day and avoid heavy moisturisers
  • Use minimal makeup – suffocating your skin with heavy foundation when it’s already struggling inside your mask isn’t a good idea – besides, if you’re wearing your mask you’re just wasting product! Focus instead on creating sensational eye make up looks to make your eyes pop.

How Can I Treat My Face Mask Acne?

So you’ve followed all the tips above and you’re still being troubled by unsightly breakouts – what can you do? We’d recommend you book an appointment to see your Martin & Phelps beauty specialist where we can assess your skin and recommend the best course of treatments from the range we offer out our Cheltenham beauty salon. 

Many clients who are facing Maskne have seen great results with a microdermabrasion treatment. Microdermabrasion is a superb skin resurfacing treatment that will leave your skin looking brighter and reducing the appearance of blemishes. This pain-free procedure gently removes dead skin cells on the outer surface of the skin. Find out more about our facials and microdermabrasion services here.

Facial Treatments to Improve the Appearance of Face Mask Acne at Top Cheltenham Beauty Salon

At Martin and Phelps Hair & Beauty Salon in Cheltenham we offer a wide range of facial treatments which can be used to tackle your mask related breakouts. Book a free consultation with one of our specialists who will analyse your skin and recommend the best treatments for you. Call us on 01242 523 568 or book online.