5 Beauty Trends for 2018

Beauty Trends for 2018 at Martin & Phelps Hair and Beauty Salon in Cheltenham

Sort out your beauty regime in 2018 and give yourself a little bit of ‘me time’ where you can relax and recharge your batteries!  If you want to know which are the top beauty trends for 2018, read on…

Beauty Trend #1:  Long Lashes

5 Beauty Trends for 2018 There are now some fabulous lash services available which will make your eyes looks brighter and younger.  At Martin & Phelps beauty salon in Cheltenham we can improve the appearance of your lashes with an eyelash tint

Beauty Trend #2: Defined Eyebrows

5 Beauty Trends for 2018Your eyebrows frame your face so why put up with sparse, light or grey lashes when we have some brilliant brow services for you?  Your Martin & Phelps beauty specialist can give you darker, more defined eyelashes using our Hi Impact Browz by Arch Angelz – a unique, all-in-one eye and brow palette that allows us to create perfect brows!

Beauty Trend #3: Long-Lasting Nails

5 Beauty Trends for 2018Say goodbye to chipped, smudged or broken nails with a Geleration manicure or pedicure which uses a long-lasting gel-like polish.

Beauty Trend #4:  Red Lips & a Touch of Lip Gloss

5 Beauty Trends for 2018Red lips have always been a popular look and are brilliant for parties!  One of the key trends for 2018 is to add a layer or two of red lipstick to your lips and top it up with a slick of gloss.  Gorgeous!  

Beauty Trend #5:  Flawless Skin

5 Beauty Trends for 2018We all have imperfections when it comes to our skin, so it’s worth investing in a monthly facial at Martin & Phelps beauty salon in Cheltenham if you want to begin your journey towards healthy skin.  We offer specialist facials including CACI non-surgical facelifts, Resultime facials and microdermabrasion.

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